Monday, July 16, 2012

Project #13

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As this lesson approached my group I was thankful for a team that was willing to put forth their best effort. Our group worked so well with each other and prepared a lesson teaching kindergarten students a lesson on patterns. Before we began to record our lesson we spent a lot of time planning out how we would approach this project. We were to create a Smart Board lesson as a team; however we were not allowed to meet in person to plan. So, my group first began by Face Time and texting each other for giving ideas for the lesson. We quickly agreed that kindergarten would be a great place to start and then decided to teach a lesson on patterns.

After we had the idea we put our plan into action through Google Docs. Courtney, Emily, and myself prepared a lesson using a slideshow that we individually prepared three small lessons into one. Each one of us created two slides to teach a type of pattern. After we all three saw the finished project of the lesson we planned to meet in the lab to record ourselves teaching the lesson.

As you can see in project #15 it turned out great! Each team member did her part and we produced a product that we were very proud to present. Through collaborating through Google Docs, texting, Face Time, and emailing we were able to produce a presentation without ever meeting before recording. Learning this skill will be very helpful in the future. One day, I may need to prepare a lesson for students and need help from another teacher. Through collaborating without ever meeting with my group I can now plan for my future to collaborate with other teachers without ever meeting in person.

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