Sunday, July 8, 2012

Blog Post #11

someone holding a iPhone displaying Skype

Little Kids...Big Potential
It was interesting to learn more about teachers practicing what they preach. In Ms. Cassidy's first grade classroom her students are learning how to blog, make videos, use wiki, and much more. Ms. Cassidy believes in technology and puts her thoughts into action. One of the best ideas she uses is to keep the privacy of her students is by only using first names and not last names. This is one of the small items that are sometimes not thought of as important that as a new teacher I need to be cautious.

Skype Interview With Ms. Cassidy
Dr. Strange set up a Skype interview with Ms. Cassidy, which she answered so many important questions and shared her thoughts about technology. She shared that her first grade students have blogs where they can practice writing skills, making videos practicing several skills combined, audio skills, and many more. Her students love to communicate with people around the world and they love to see through a counter on a map to see where the readers live.

I know that it will be difficult at first to become a blogging teacher, because for the most part no one likes change; however it is encouraging to hear praises from her parents and administrators. I love how she sends a letter home in the beginning of the year that explains to parents how she strives to keep her students safe using the internet. One of Dr. Strange's questions to Ms. Cassidy was if there were other teachers at her school who uses technology. Her response was that there is only one other teacher that uses technology in his or her classroom; unfortunately no one else uses any source of technology. "We must always keep learning" is something Ms. Cassidy kept mentioning over and over again.

Where should someone start with technology in the classroom? Ms. Cassidy says start with what you are interested the most. For example, if you love writing then try blogging first. She also uses social medias for tools such as Twitter. Twitter is actually how Dr. Strange found Ms. Cassidy! We can use these tools to find answers to questions, learn new tools, and help others find answers. It was interested to hear how often her students blog. I was surprised to hear that most of the time the blog once a week. I was expecting her to say everyday, but she explained it very well by it depends on the assignment. She also takes time to help each student create his or her blog post.

I have thoroughly enjoyed watching the Skype interview with Ms. Cassidy answering questions. I have learned several items to consider when starting my classroom blog. I need to be cautious of my student's safety and utilize all aspects of technology. Most importantly teachers must always strive to keep learning for themselves.


  1. Hi Mackenzie! I also enjoyed Ms. Cassidy's Skype interview and especially enjoyed the short film her class made showcasing their talents in technology. While I have gotten a lot of insight out of other assignments teaching us how to use technology, it was nice to hear from an actual teacher how she uses these tools in her classroom. I think it was a bit discouraging that only Ms. Cassidy and one other teacher used technology in their rooms, but found it extremely motivating that she was not discouraged or detoured by that fact. Your blog pointed out many important tips that she shared with us that we will need to remember to use with our own blogging assignments someday. I enjoyed reading your blog!

  2. It will take work, planning and dedication. But you can emulate Ms. Cassidy! Do it.

  3. Hi Makenzie,

    Wasn't Mrs. Cassidy's video "Little Kids... Big Potential" just inspiring? I was so amazed at what they could do at such a young age. I agree with you; I thought she had a really great idea to help protect the identity of her young students.

    It will definitely be difficult and take hard work to be a blogging teacher like Mrs. Cassidy, but I know you can do it! You already do great job on your blog for EDM 310.

    Great post. Keep up the good work.