Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Progress On Final Project

color pencils

Our group is moving along quickly to prepare for the reveal of our "Welcome to The Jungle...A Survival Guide to EDM 310" iBook. We are very excited and hope once published students can use our iBook for help in their journeys through EDM 310. So far, we have met and decided exactly what our book will contain, and delegated jobs to everyone in our group. Everyone in our group has been assigned to gather pictures, videos, and text to be ready to go in to our iBook. We will be meeting several times in the next few days to put the finishing touches to our iBook.

Our group is doing great and working together perfectly. Each one of us has contributed tremendously with one goal in mind and that is to do our very best. Stayed tuned for our big reveal! We are very excited to share our project with everyone!

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