Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Blog Post #12

Assignment For All Levels Of Education
As soon as I read this blog assignment I knew right away what I would choose and knew it could work for anyone entering the field of education. No matter what grade or subject we may want to teach this tool can help all of us! Have you ever wondered how to make learning the cycle of a butterfly interesting? What about teaching students synonym words? Have you ever wanted a place to find educational but super unique bulletin boards? I have the perfect place for you to find all of this in one place!

1. Go to Pinterest and create an account.
2. Log in to your account then go to your profile, and set up a "Board" titled "Teaching Ideas"
3. Once your Board "Teaching Ideas" has been created searched for the following items and "Repin" to your Board:
-a link for teaching science
-a link for bulletin board ideas
-a link for writing
-a link for math
-an idea for displaying classroom rules
-2 other helpful links that you have found
You must post a picture of all your links as your picture for this blog. Also, give a description and why you chose those links.

With all that being said, here is my personal journey on Pinterest and what I have found to be helpful. First, I have already created my account and a "Teaching Ideas" board. Here are the links...

For a link for teaching science I chose a link that will help me teach the life cycle of a butterfly. The link took me to a blog titled My Little Yellow Room. She took a simple idea and made learning fun and yummy! All you need is a paper plate, a marker to label the stages of the life cycle, marshmallows for the eggs, gummy worms for caterpillars, tootsie rolls for the chrysalis, and fancy crackers for the butterfly. This is a simple and an easy way for the students to understand the life cycle of a butterfly.
life cycle of a butterfly

Next, I found several links for great bulletin boards however I chose a bulletin board to use when my students study Martin Luther King Jr. On this bulletin board the students wrote on a paper their "dream". Then, the teacher took a picture of the students dressed in their dreams attire. Very cute idea!
I have a dream bulletin board

Next, I used this idea for helping my student create a phenomenal story map! The poster has seven sections with small post it paper attached. The sections are broken in to categories such as author and title, characters, setting, conflict, important events, resolution, and theme. This simple idea will help the students make sure they have all aspects of their story before beginning to write.

For math, I chose to pick a link that will provide help for my students learning fractions. By using sentence strips I can label the longest strip representing a whole, then another strip I can draw a line down the middle for two halves, and then continue to do this with several more sentence strips all the way to one sixth. This idea will help my students get a visual of what fractions look like and understand what fraction is bigger or smaller.
different size fractions

For displaying classroom rules this is a simple, but unique way instead of just writing a list of rules. The teacher laminated a picture of a student doing what the rule says and wrote the rule beside it. This gives the students a visual picture and reminds them how to obey the rule.
classroom rules

My two other helpful links I chose a way to help my students read a clock and a link for interactive lessons on the Smart Board. Around a clock I would make the clock look like a flower. Starting at the one label this first petal as ":05", then label two as ":10", and keep going all the way around with the petals until the twelve which would be labeled as ":60". Each petal is labeled for minuets and then they still have the number to tell the hour. Now the flower needs a stem and leaves. After adding a stem then you would put a small leaf labeled "hour" and large leaf labeled "minuets". Finally, I have found a helpful link for Smart Board games that my students can play to help them with learning math skills, improving vocabulary, and much more.
clock looks like flower

interactive games


  1. Excellent idea. Excellent execution.

  2. Hey Makenzie!

    I love your idea! I am pinterest obsessed so this would definitely be a fun assignment for me to do. This is a great way to find new ideas for the your classroom and to share any great ideas that you might have. Teachers are in this together and should stay connected and share ideas and techniques to help and motivate each other. Teaching should be a never ending learning process and pinterest provides a wonderful platform for this. Good Luck with our last week!

    Ashley Earnest

  3. Makenzie,

    I love Pinterest! It has so many great ideas for almost everything. I think it is a great tool for the classroom. With so many useful ideas and fun activities for kids. I love that it not only has ideas for activities for kids but for bulletin boards, classroom decor, lessons and much more.

    I also think this would be a great assignment for EDM310. It is a great tool that future teachers need to know about and how to use.

    Another great post! Good job!

    Courtney Hieronymus