Sunday, July 15, 2012

Final Report on PLN

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When I began my journey in EDM 310, Dr. Strange asked us to complete a survey. One of the questions asked were we computer literate. A few months ago I only thought I was prepared to be a teacher teaching in the 21st century and I would use technology in my classroom. I was so close-minded and now I have been exposed to so much more. EDM 310 has open many doors to prepare me for my future career; however it is just the start of my journey. I must take everything I have learned this semester and keep learning throughout my lifetime to stay up to date with all the resources and tools out there in the world.

To be an engaging teacher I plan to use my Smart Board for creating lessons and display videos and pictures to share. Also, I want to teach my students how to create videos and use their creativity through book trailers and using a green screen. By doing this I must surround myself with valuable resources and tools.

Twitter has become a valuable asset to find resources and other teachers to seek advice from, and I have made several connections with other teachers and organizations. When I begin my teaching career I plan to use edublog for creating my class blog. This will be a great place to start where students can make blog post, access homework, assignments, projects, and my favorite is parents can see exactly what is happening in the classroom. There are several other places that I have added to my Symbaloo, but it will be forever changing. Some resources may be valuable today; however tomorrow it may be out of date

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