Friday, July 13, 2012

C4T #4

The P.E. Geek
For the last week I have been assigned to Jarrod Robinson also known as the "P.E. Geek". When I first saw that I had been assigned to a physical education teacher I thought I would not gain any valuable resources through this blog, because I am not interested in becoming a P.E. teacher. I quickly realized Mr. Robinson's blog posts are not just for P.E.; however his research and ideas can be used in almost any classroom.

Top Apps
During this blog post the P.E. Geek shared several apps that can be downloaded from the app store to be used in the classroom. Of course, all of the apps can be used in P.E., but I took one app and applied it to something I can use in my daily life. I downloaded the app "BaM Delay Mirror". I have not found a way to use this app in the classroom, but it has already been helpful while teaching cheerleading and tumbling classes where I work. With this app I can set up the app to record myself or someone else. After they are finished they can instantly see the video. This was very helpful showing a student where she was messing up on a tumbling skill. We were able to compare my video to her video quickly.

Projecting your iPhone/iPad to a Larger Screen
This was a very helpful blog post by Mr. Robinson. I have often wondered what were the possible ways to display videos or images from my iPad to a much larger screen to allow others to view. Once again, Mr. Robinson gave several options anyone can use to display on a large screen. To me, the most cost efficient idea is buying a HDMI or VGA cable. This is a simple way of solving the problem; however if you do not want cords try these other options. Try using Apple TV, Reflection App by Mac, or AirServer.

Thank you Mr. Jarrod Robinson for all of the technological tools that I can use in my future classroom!

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