Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Blog Post #1

A little information about me!

Hello everyone and welcome to my blog! First of all, as you know my name is Makenzie Cunningham. I am a 22 year old newlywed from Mobile, Alabama. I was born in 1990 to my parents and four years later I got a baby brother. This past December, I married my best friend and we have been enjoying our journey together ever since! After graduating from Faith Academy (high school) I began attending college in pursuit of an elementary education degree. I began my journey at USA, but decided to transfer to Faulkner State Community College to get all my basics since they have the "cheapest tuition in Alabama". Now I am back at USA and completely driven to do my absolute best and finish quickly!

When I am not in class I enjoy spending time with my family and my husbands family, being at the beach, and scuba diving; however I spend a lot of my time working with our children's department at the church we attend. I find it very rewarding to volunteer a lot of my time with these children. My passion is definitely children in hopes of making a difference in their lives. My dream in life would be working in Baldwin County School Systems (or somewhere near a beach) and teaching children. Not only providing children with important knowledge they need to know for their education, but also showing them love and support along the way.

About the video!
I enjoyed watching the video about time management. I believe Randy Pausch is correct about Americans not taking time to manage their time. I like his idea to plan out my day, plan out my week, and plan out my semester. The biggest lesson I learned from this video was to break things down and to tackle the hardest or as he said "the ugliest" item first!

Practice Post

Children sitting in a circle on the floor using computers.
This is my practice post.