Wednesday, July 4, 2012

C4T #3

I have been assigned Ms. Angela Maiers who is the founder and President of Maiers Education Services. She has been in the education field for over twenty years and shares her passion for teaching through her blog. I love this quote from Ms. Maiers; "There are no limits for learners with passion, foresight, and a desire to grow. Technology, used strategically, has the power to leverage human capital and maximize performance of organizations big and small."

Wishbone: A Platform for Student Passions
During this blog post, Ms. Maiers shared her passion for an organization that she has started called Wishbone. This organization gives at risk students the opportunity to find a passion through learning. The high school student’s express interest in programs they would like to attend, and sponsors pay for the program. There is a website dedicated to this organization where everyone can meet the students and learn more about what the student wishes to accomplish. Also, everyone can see how much money the student still needs and become a sponsor for students.

Passion Solves Problems
So many kids go to school not enjoying their school days and not engaging, but why? Children are passionate about things they enjoy in life so what if teachers tried to educate students using their passions. If teachers took the time to learn their students interest and what got them excited to learn it could change how classes operate daily. By allowing the students to share and preform exercises that complemented their skills then this would excite students and make them want to learn.

This post is one of five "Passion Solves Problems" blog post that Ms. Maiers shares on her blog. It was very interesting to hear her perspective of changing the classroom. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading Ms. Maiers blog, and will be visiting it more often in the future.

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