Friday, June 22, 2012

Project #10 My PLN In Progress

Below is a picture of my PLN in progress. I chose to use Symbaloo, because it seemed more users friendly than Netvibes. In the top left corner I have added tiles that I use on a daily basis for EDM 310. At the bottom left side I have my email tile and a tile to quickly get to the University of South Alabama to allow me to check important information for my school. Top right corner I have placed my social networks in a group. In the bottom right corner I have found several helpful links to websites that will be helpful as an educator. I also have YouTube near the middle, because it is a general search engine like Google.

During my search I have found a tile called "Read Write Think". Just by taking a few minuets to explore I have found a wonderful tool to use in my classroom. One of the interactive tools is creating a Venn diagram. I simply filled in the information for the circles and right away I was able to add points to the diagram. This is a fabulous website for teachers wanting to implement new ideas for writing. There are a ton of more tools on this website.

Another great tool I have found is TeacherTube. There are millions of videos to help teachers teach lessons. For example, I searched "Adding Fractions" and soon found millions of videos related to my search. All videos are created by teachers for teachers. This will be an enormous help for my lessons in my classroom.

My PLN is a work in progress that I will add more tiles in the future. To be a 21st century teacher I must keep learning throughout my lifetime. Symbaloo allows me to stay organized and easily find my tools. I want to encourage all educators to create their own PLN through Symbaloo.

My Symbaloo

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