Wednesday, June 20, 2012

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Randy Pausch

Randy Pausch's Last Lecture
During Randy Pausch's Last Lecture he discussed key points that we should strive to use in our classroom. Even though this video is over an hour long this is a must see video. He first began discussing his childhood dreams. Although they were comical to hear he somewhat reached all of those goals, but the point he was striving to accomplish was to allow kids to reach their goals. Do not tell children that their goals are too out of reach or impossible. We should be the encourager for them and help them reach their goals.

Another key point we can utilize in the classroom is to find someone like you to inspire his or her goals. When I was in kindergarten all I wanted was to be just like my teacher. I strived everyday to make her happy in the classroom. When I got home in the afternoons I would pretend I was Mrs. Ryan. During school days I was her little helper by helping her clean centers, sweep the floors, and straighten bookshelves. Mrs. Ryan knew that my goal as a little girl was to become a teacher, and I am grateful she inspired me to keep moving forward in life to accomplish my dream!

The next point is my favorite during the lecture and that is to make learning something new fun. Have you ever sat in class, bored out of your mind, struggling to stay awake, and when class is over you realize that you do not know the new material? I was like that several times through middle school and high school. I believe as a teacher I can change this environment. By using technology in my classroom I can make learning fun! For example, when I am introducing a new lesson in history I can use my SmartBoard to show videos and pictures during the lesson. Also, I can create podcast of me teaching a math lesson for the students to watch for homework rather than sitting and struggling to complete several math problems. As a teacher my number one goal will to make learning fun and keeping my students engaged during all of our lessons.

Lastly, Mr. Pausch emphasized the importance of mentors, parents, and teachers. I was fortunate to be given parents that wanted me to be better than them. They strive everyday to make sure to encourage me to keep striving for my goals in life. They know it is very important that I reach the goal of graduating with a degree in Elementary Education. Even though I am now married and not living with them anymore they still provide the love, support, and prayer everyday. Unfortunately, not everyone is dealt or given that card in life like me; however that is where teachers and mentors like a councilor can step in and make a difference. For students that do not have support at home this is where we step in and be the support and provide them with the love that they need every day.

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  1. Makenzie,
    Great job relating the post to your own personal experiences. It shows that you found inspiration in Randy Pausch's words and you explained well how they are relevant to your life and to others. It is important to see ourselves as mentors, because as you mentioned, not all of our students will see the examples they need at home or be given encouragement. They will need someone they can respect to lead them.