Thursday, June 28, 2012

Blog Post #9

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Advise From An Expert
As a future educator, it is imperative that I collect valuable information to help me my first year in the classroom; however I must be careful where I find and accept advice. I want to be an effective teacher that utilizes all aspects of technology in my classroom, and inspire my students to pursue their goals and dreams. So, if this is my goal I must surround myself with educators that excel in all areas. Mr. Joe McClung is a youthful educator that has shared his advice with all to read on his blog. I personally enjoyed all of his recommendations and tips for educators and made me consider a few items to implement in my classroom.

Never stop learning is a concept I hope to always strive for myself. When educators stop searching for new tools and knowledge for themselves they are settling and advancements will pass right by them. I believe some educators think, "once I graduate I am done learning"; however to be the best you must keep striving to learn and excel in yourself. To be the effective teacher that I am driven to be I must stay up-to-date on all the resources and technology to keep my students attention. I become an educator I will strive to surround myself with phenomenal mentors, attend teacher workshops, and most importantly ask question and seek advice.

Listening to my students can be challenging, but the outcome can be very rewarding. I am sure that Mr. McClung gets that warm fuzzy feeling every time he hears from his students how much he means to them. Those feelings are a gigantic accomplishment! Being a listening post my students can see without me ever telling them how much they mean to me. You should not have to tell children how much you care for them it should be shown throughout the day.

Mr. McClung also presented valuable information I will consider using in my first year like finding a "School Mom". A school mom is a teacher that has been at the school for several years and I can rely on to help me understand school schedules and anything in between. Also, I will "leave my ego at the door" to get the attention and point across from every lesson, even if these means acting a fool. Most importantly I want to strive to for healthy communication. Not only with my students but also with school staff and parents. Sometimes our life problems or piety stuff going on throughout the school can fill our heads; however we must strive to set all of that aside and push forward to a great day inside the classroom.


  1. Hello Makenzie,

    I hope you had a great 4th. :) Your posts are always so thoughtful and I like reading them (mostly because you write quite well.) Your image doesn't appear to have alt or title tags however, but that's the only blip I could find. Good work.

  2. Hey Bailey,

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